Rent Reduction: This is how tenants proceed properly

Berlin – Broken heating, leaking windows, construction noise – there are many things that can make life difficult for tenants. If the landlord does not respond, a rent reduction can remedy the situation. For tenants, there is a lot to consider: how and when is this, what is allowed, how much money is involved? Answers to important questions:

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Reduce the rent: What are the reasons?

In general, a usability restricting lack of the apartment must be given. “The tenant can not use the apartment as he pleases and as he may expect under the lease,” Ulrich Ropertz from the German Tenants’ Association (DMB) summarizes in Berlin. The classic rental causes include leaking windows, broken heating in the cold season and mold in the home as well as noise from neighbors and construction noise.

But even unusual things, such as prostitution in the tenement, dog feces in the staircase, pest infestation or cracking radiators, can cause tenants to transfer less money to their landlord. The range of reasons is as colorful and extensive as the list of judgments. The tenants ‘association has just listed 500 judges’ verdicts.

How is it reduced properly?

This is done in two steps: First step: The tenant informs the owner quickly about the defect and sets a deadline for removal. This can happen over the phone, by e-mail or letter. Problem is proof: If the going gets tough, the landlord could claim that he never got the info. On the other hand “fax or throw-registered letter is court-proof” says Mietrechtsanwalt Marcus Reidel from Munich. Second step: the actual rent reduction. It is not separately announced and takes place retroactively, if the landlord remains inactive.

What are the deadlines for remedying defects?

The period depends essentially on the impairment. A cold heating in winter requires immediate relief. “He also has to set up an emergency service at the weekend,” says tenant lawyer Inka-Marie Storm of the owner association Haus & Grund Germany. The same applies to frozen pipes. Mold should be gone after two weeks, says lawyer Reidel. Simply instructing a craftsman within this period is not enough.

How much can be canceled?

In extreme conditions – black mold in the whole apartment, for example – it can be up to 100 percent. Otherwise, it depends on the individual case. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) sees the tenant in the obligation to estimate the quota itself. Evidence can be derived from court judgments.

Broken bell: 3-5 percent, cracking heating, hot water temperature below 40 degrees Celsius, lack of hot water supply, nuisance caused by foul-smelling mist of the laundry dryer: 10 percent. All windows leaking (summer and winter) and the resulting constant humidity: 50 percent. Noise due to construction work in the house: up to 60 percent. Only toilet not usable: 80 percent. Failure of heating in winter: up to 100 percent, otherwise about 50 percent. Heating only creates temperature between 15 and 19 degrees, depending on space and season: up to 30 percent.

The setting of the quota harbors much conflict with the experience of Inka-Marie Storm. It therefore recommends that both sides find an amicable settlement instead of complaining. In court, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff. Tenants who mistakenly reduce too much, may not be automatically terminated the apartment.

How is it calculated?

After a BGH judgment, only the monthly rent can be reduced, the additional costs are not. Nevertheless, the gross rent forms the basis of the calculation: For a rent of 500 euros plus 100 additional costs, a rent reduction of 10 percent would be calculated on the basis of the total of 600 euros. As a result, 60 euros will be deducted from the 500 euros in rent; the landlord receives only 440 euros plus the untapped 100 euros charges. According to DMB, the rent may only be reduced for the period in which the defect existed. If it is ten days a month, only the ten days can be calculated.

When cannot be reduced?

It does not work if a tenant has taken over the apartment in the knowledge of the defect – so he already knew at the conclusion of the lease that the windows rattle. And it is not in the tenant’s own fault or in trivia, for example, a broken light bulb.

The landlord is well advised to advise prospective tenants on damage in order to prevent later complaints including imminent rent reduction. If he admits the elimination of a defect in the move, this is contractually recorded. If he ignores his commitment, the right of rent reduction applies.


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The Greek debt

There is almost no talk of Greece and when it is almost always done it is about the refugees. The debt has gone into the background. Now the important thing is Venezuela ; that is where the Spanish elections will be decided.

But today I remembered Greece. And of your debt .

It turns out that Greece’s debt, in absolute terms, is approximately one third of that of Spain and about six times less than that of Germany! It turns out that in the last two years the Greek debt has decreased . Little, with the help of the European institutions and everything you want. But it has decreased.

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Alexis Tsipras

Even so, the Greek risk premium exceeds 700 basis points. That is, it is subject to conditions (more than 8% interest for a debt that almost doubles its GDP) that make it almost impossible to pay . And all that because the Greeks are bad and they chose a stinking party like Syriza. It does not matter that the debt was generated when good parties governed.

Spain is almost the opposite case . Here in 2011 we chose well . Since then the debt has increased almost 50% and already exceeds 100% of GDP. But although in the first half of 2012 the risk premium shot up to over 600 basis points, the markets soon understood that we were going to be good and they placed us at a very reasonable one hundred and a few points. We can maintain an uncontrolled deficit and continue to borrow. Moreover, those fines that are foreseen if the deficit is breached are postponed until after the June elections .

If the Spaniards happen to vote badly , vote for one of the plagued parties, there will be a fine, the risk premium will skyrocket and there will be no way to pay that debt that was generated in times when good parties governed. And the winner, if he manages to form a government, will have to be docile. May he learn from Tsipras!

It’s what low interest rates have . It seems that it does not matter to get into debt. But they are only low while governing who has to govern .

Or had we believed that the markets are stupid ?

The debt and the risk premium are excellent control mechanisms .

So let’s see who we vote for! Let’s vote well. In another case, the threat is clear .



  1. >

    Please, enough of manipulation, the debt is never measured in absolute terms but in relative terms to the GDP or, more importantly, in the capacity of the country to pay it. On the other hand, Greece does not borrow at 8%, but at 1%, which is the interest that the European institutions ask of Greece for the recapture money, which if the inflation is subtracted from sales, the European countries that help Greece lending you your money, you lose part of it by doing it.

    May 30, 2016 | 12:32

  2. >

    My mother … often post disaster.

    The Greek debt is 176.90% OF ITS GDP at the end of 2015, effectively falling from 180% that was at the end of 2014. That is, they must almost 2 TIMES WHAT THEY PRODUCE each year. Spanish debt is 100.51% of GDP.

    Obviously, in absolute terms, the debt of Spain (or Germany, or UK, or the United States, or Russia) will always be greater than that of a country with an economy as weak as Greece … BECAUSE Spain’s GDP is more than 6 TIMES THE GREECE! I find it incredible that someone can write a message as misinformed and ignorant as this. What matters is not the absolute amount, it is the ability of each country to repay its debt!

    If a person has a salary of € 6000 per month, and he owes € 6000 to the bank, will he tell me that he is worse off than a person who charges € 1000 per month and owes € 3000 to the bank? Please…

    The reason why Greece is still so much risk and is in such a bad situation, is because at the end of 2015, they UPLOADED their DEFICIT up to 7.20% !! That is, the difference between what they spent and what they spent increased from 3.6% to 7.20% of GDP … which predicts a very black future because, they do, they have the deficit out of control.

    In contrast Spain, which in 2012 came to have a deficit of 10.40% of GDP, has been falling steadily year after year, and at the end of 2015 is already 5.08% (ie, half), and continues to decline. It is still above the target set by Europe, but steadily falling that is the important … nothing “uncontrolled” as you say (I do not know where it comes from).

    So the Spanish debt, although it has continued to increase a bit because the alternative was to make more cuts (while there is a debt deficit will continue to increase), it is increasing more slowly, partly because the difference between expenses and income is getting smaller, and partly because Spain’s GDP continues to grow. If in 2-3 years we eliminate the deficit completely and have a surplus, we will stop accumulating debt completely, so it will begin to fall much faster. And yes, of course it can be returned. More I would like Greece to be in that situation!

    In short, the risk premium and similar indicators increase or decrease depending on the expectations that the country in question can clean up its economy, lower unemployment and return to positive numbers. Not depending on whether they govern “good” or “bad”, nor on the recommendations made by four politicians dressed as European officials.

    Spain, although more slowly than I should in my opinion, is doing exactly that, and that’s why markets now trust Spain and invest money here.

    However, in Greece, a government arrived that said it would make matters worse (spend even more money, increase the deficit more, not repay the debt …) which obviously nobody in their right mind wanted to invest there, and the people took their money out of the country. Nobody wants to lend money to someone who says openly that the same does not return it.

    In the end the thing became so dodgy that they had to back off and do more or less what common sense dictated … but they have only done it half-heartedly, their public spending is still rampant, and there are many doubts about what is going to happen because It is clear that they will keep this course for a long time or that Syriza will continue in the government.

    If you do not understand how basic issues of economy such as public debt or deficit work, nothing happens! Nobody is born learned and that’s what the internet is for. But please, at least be prudent not to take economics lessons in a newspaper blog, as if you knew what you are talking about.

    May 30, 2016 | 13:05

  3. >

    Alejandro Soto: I do not try to manipulate, but I do not like that we do “cheating in solitaire”. When I speak of the absolute value dimension of the Greek debt I want to see that it was a problem that with a European perspective could have been solved long ago. But in reality it is being used to warn other countries of what can not be done (“experiments with soda” as Eugenio D’Ors said).
    And the truth is that while the Greek debt has been reduced, the Spanish debt has increased.
    Víctor: I’m not a professor of economics, but this is a comment from someone about what they see happening. Regarding absolute values ​​and percentages of GDP, I refer to the previous paragraph. Grace is part of Europe and as a European problem the debt of Greece is much smaller than that of Spain or Germany. Not so if each country is on its own, of course!

    May 30, 2016 | 14:54

  4. >

    > Grace is part of Europe and as a European problem the debt of Greece is much lower than that of Spain or Germany

    But you do not understand that the amount owed is the least relevant of all. The problem is not putting money to compensate for what Greece owes (that’s already done, that’s why they owe what they owe). The problem is that in order to be given more money, there must be guarantees that the situation will be corrected. Because if not, to lend them more money is like throwing it for the WC, in two days they will be the same again.

    If a person is constantly spending more money than he has and tells you that he will continue to do so, lending him money to cancel his current debt does not solve anything because in a few months everything will be the same again, and you will have lost the money you lent him. But if you condition the loan so that that person adjusts his expenses and his income so that they square and stop spending more than what he earns, then you will have solved the problem.

    As long as there are guarantees, the absolute amounts can be as high as you want, and nothing happens, because they will simply become longer-term payments. Luckily Europe is so big that among all you can face very large rescues.

    But if there are no guarantees, it does not matter if they are 10,000 or 100,000 million, because no country can afford to lend so much money and not receive it back! That is the real problem, and not the absolute quantities.

    > When I speak of the absolute value dimension of the Greek debt, I want it to be seen that it was a problem that, with a European perspective, could have been resolved a long time ago.

    And what is that solution according to you? Forgive all the money they owe without more? That is to say, discount for example of the income of Spain the 30,000 million that Greece owes us? We stop paying salaries to lots of officials (doctors, teachers, police, etc.) just because? Can you explain why Spain should make many more cuts, simply because Greece does not want to make its own? And what does that solve if Greece also does not adjust its budgets and returns to be the same in 4 years?

    Greece needs more borrowed money, and Europe lends it to 1% which are unbeatable conditions. But as with any country, there is a requirement: that they take measures so that the deficit is going down, and therefore they need less and less money, no more … because if the deficit continues to increase, they would enter a spiral without control in the that all the money borrowed would be insufficient and sooner or later they would be in suspension of payments. And then you would not have a country in crisis (Greece), if not many countries that would have lost all the money borrowed and now would be in an even bigger crisis.

    May 30, 2016 | 15:35

  5. >

    I write to this gentleman who would ask if he would be willing to give me a loan and when he asked me what I wanted him to tell him that it is to continue spending, not to cut back and that I even consider the possibility of making a deduction to what he lends me and return less money because I am a communist Bolivarian podemita I leave the base that those who lend money are criminals and those who receive it are good, surely in these conditions if I borrow some money that I doubt would require me not 700% more interest than what is normal in the market but maybe 10 times more, because it is very nice to be supportive of money that is not yours, something normal among the leftist collective.

    May 30, 2016 | 16:03

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Payday Loans – Greatest Relief When Caught In Between Paychecks

Direct deposit payday loans are usually specially designed for US people who desire cash quickly and without any kind of difficulty.

This is because these financial loans provide you ample financial aid within your hard time. These loans provide you with cash in less than 24 hours. The particular fast availability of these financial loans is due to fewer formalities function. Don’t need to go through tough plus tacky formalities like large paperwork, irritating faxing plus stressful credit checking and so forth.

Nevertheless, if you apply online almost everything is done electronically. Whatever you lend will be wired into your banking account within 24 hours. Some payday loan companies can even get you your cash within one hour.

If your debt has become the best of you and you really feel rather desperate, you should look for expert financial help, such as using a credit counseling service.

With these criteria, you might be totally free to apply this sort of economic help in order to get immediate funds. Through payday loans repay monthly, you have the capability to lend instant fund that runs from $100 to $1,5k with easy repayment associated with 14-31 days- Importance of payday loans. Thus, this is a short-term financial plan exactly where borrowers can utilize cash for some few weeks.

There are many reasons why an easy payday loans loan could be the choice of plenty to get over any emergency financial circumstances. You can do everything online, it really is that simple. No require waiting around in line at any store mortgage and you may even get a money advance in a day.

Are you within the middle of the month?

On the web have enough balance in your looking at bank account? And all of a sudden a few emergencies pop up then the just option that left to suit your needs is to apply for any financial loans. Applying traditional loans needs lots of paperwork and other thank you’s. Why choose traditional financial loans, when you can gain cash along with payday loans. Emergency bad credit score loans are the type of payday loans that can be applied with minimum effort. To apply for this system you don’t need to fax any record. Not only faxing but loan companies have also excluded paperwork plus documentation.

Payday loans no debit credit card is free from the security pledging or credit examining. Thus people with bad credit rating like CCJs, default, debts, late payment, insolvency and so on can avail these solutions without any hesitation. The rate of interest billed on these loans is usually comparatively high due to temporary nature. But it is flexible if you look for the suitable plus affordable deal.

Some Strategies Beat Loan And Credit Fraudsters

Shopping around for best home loan rate will allow you get the best selection that a lot. Remember that a mortgage, whatever form it is, whether it’s unusually for a home purchase, home equity or refinancing, is very negotiable and continuously changing. It is your task to search around, compare rates and negotiate preserve yourself several hundred to even plenty of money.

If criminal background pays the repayment on time, then he or she will remain associated with debts. As this finance is short-term the interest charged in them is also slightly high.

Applying on the internet is the seven steps to obtain 100 Text Mortgage loans. It only takes a few minutes, and after that, one can gain such credits by merely sending out a word. The amount would then be mailed to the borrowers account in as little as a little bit.

Build Relationships-Don’t go out looking for people like us that can put benefit your what is a bank in Hindi. Instead, walk out of watching if anyone is who it is possible to help and change their health. The best way generate a relationship is through providing value to whoever’s path you upset.

Most banks and banks now offer individual business cards for their clients. If you have a checking or savings account with a banking definition pdf, check with them discover if offer a credit account. These people do, request for it. Chances are, you have access to accept, albeit with a small credit limit, just because you’re a newly released customer along with doingn’t to be able to lose someone. If, however, you’ve overdrawn your checking account, noticed want to have to wait six months before following.

Prime lending rates drop down to seven.50% from 7.25 percent by definition of the bank by different authors in critical for the feds cutting premiums. Before the January reduction in rates, the feds had already cut rates triple since September 2007. September saw a decrease of half an area with October and December both seeing an additional cut in prices of a typical quarter point each.

If you are getting prepared to get Forex automated program software, then that has to be a question you must seek being answered. Publish regret buying if ever something better comes up after. If the happens, it would be a gift for you because it means that put on pounds. Another system that can supply you with even more profit as compared to the FAP Turbo can. A person then immediately switch to it.

Shopping inside clearance aisle is fun and exciting. Most important you can treat yourself and still save cash flow. Recently I bought two lightweight jackets that were originally $60.00 each, a worth of $120.00. With 70% off and even a 20% coupon they arrived at $ 14.00 all the. A $92.00 savings! What a good bargain.

Get all promises in writing, or perhaps you have an outright conversation to offer to a judge in any court action. If it is in the making from the dealership, recourse will be tougher unless it is writing. Should the dealership say by law, they can’t do now this.Ask them to show you the code in composing. Here is a hint, cannot. The checks are available out to your State to the financial institution, not you. It takes no part of them to do this, the more they resist this idea should indicate to you their cash flow is very tight. Hold your ground and demand they go along with your request, or do not buy the vehicle.